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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why the Tea Party is Pushing us Toward Communism

The New York Times mentioned that during a month in 2008 48% of births in the US were non-white. It doesn't take discerning eyes to notice that the Tea Party is 99.999% white and its right wing brother, the Republican Party, not much more of a rainbowesque mix. So the NYT factoid states simply that times are changing. And if these Tea and Elephant Parties can not bridge the ideological gap between shades of skin, then change has come and it is here to stay. And, the more bridges these parties burn with hateful and nonsensical actions, the more they will realize THEY are the ones on a tiny island of ideological minorities. If Republicans are to stay alive they need to get smarter, talk more about facts, and a lot less about WWJD and secret communist plots. Just my, actually I take that back, it's a fact. And while people complain about the benefits or trouble with multi-party representation, we need to all recognize the danger of a one party system, which is becoming a looming reality if the main oppositional party erodes do to their own ideological radicalism. Under that senario the Tea Party would be correct, and implicit for the realization of its paranoid prophesy, because another name for a one party system of government is "Communism."

A late correction to this story. According to a recent gallup poll the tea party is 79% white, 6% Black, and 14% other.

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