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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Romney Responds to Jeers of Socialism

Romeny seems to be having a very difficult time passing the Tea Party/Glenn Beck litmus test for conservatism. Of course that never bothered his Mexican born father when he ran for President. Now Mitt too wants another shot at the White House, but he is having a tough time convincing folks he is not "the father of health care reform" as it was passed recently. Basicly he argues that he is only a state-socialist not a national-socialist and somehow the two are different. While republicans argue that it is unconsitutional for the national governemnt to impose a mandate on its citizens they are having a difficult time parring that with why they thought it was fine for a Republican to do the same thing on a state level. And Romeny is stuck in the middle arguing he voted it into law before he was against it.

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