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Monday, March 29, 2010


State Senator Post Video Imploring Youth to STOP THE SAG!!

If you live in New York city it is very clear that pant sag is a growing epidemic. Apparently gravity has had an ill effect on the city's youth. You will frequently see them struggling to cross a road. The first time I saw this was in Harlem almost 18 months ago. 2 Asian youths had their pants literally about two inches from the knee. Perhaps they were trend setters. Perhaps I was out of the loop. According to State Senator Eric Adams the trend has permeated African-American culture. In the video and narrating statement by the senator, he claims that the trend began in jails. One individual I spoke to, who claimed some expertise in prison culture, said that the sagging pants with overly visible underwear was a designation of homosexuality in North East prisons. It basically signifies you are some man's "bitch." So are these youth vocalizing their gay culture? Unlikely do to the prevalence of the sag among young men. It is a trend that is puzzling for its lack of functionality. A simple observation shows it as a clear impediment to a normal stride. One young man I asked said "it feels more comfortable that way"(??????). I doubt it. Of course I know women who claim high heels are comfortable, which I am sure is true after years of warping your feet to the wrong position. And on that note is where I have to ask, does the sag cause the medical problems that high heels or UGG's have been noted to? Most likely not, although I have noted a funny waddle that comes with the style. No longer is the "gangsta limp" the swagger of NYC. It is now the prison waddle. Yes, in order to keep your jeans from falling all the way to the ground you must walk a little like you just got a bad case of inner thigh burn, possibly inflicted by Bubba. Still, fashion is a fickle thing and urban fashion has always been anti-high fashion. Eventually it becomes infectious and before you know it we are all wearing some variation of the trend. As a former urban fashion fan I am simply happy it has changed at least a little in the last 15 years. Two years ago I was noting that nothing had changed much. It was still all baggy pants and oversized sports gear. Not that I am endorsing this trend.. but let's give it a minute and see where it goes before we start chastising our youth for making a statement. I am not sure what statement it makes but it certainly is hard not to stare, so if anything the statement may simply mean: hey look at me!

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