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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I've been mulling over what take I should have on the video posted by collateral murder. My official point of view is that it is damning evidence that demands further investigation. What is most disturbing is the gunning down of clearly unarmed humans in this video. What is missing is the larger context of how and why they came upon these persons, and why they would have thought they were armed in the first place. breaks it down perhaps the best pointing out that one individual possessed an AK and the other an RPG7. The spokesperson for Wikileaks claimed he didn't point out the RPG because he thought it could have been a camera tripod. While I am not up to date on tripods this claim is idiotic. What happens next is one of the saddest displays I have ever seen a human partake in. Rampant gunning down of injured, unknown and unarmed individuals. The long version of the video also shows the avoidable collateral killing of a bystander walking by a building targeted with hellfire missiles.

Once again while all of this is damning it may be entirely out of context. It does demand further investigation and the public should be outraged that the military would clear these individuals if there was not a full and accountable review. The cover-up clearly shows that it may not have been so thorough of a review.

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